Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It may have missed your notice in the flurry of fall shows, but here is a public service announcement: America's Next Top Model is on tonight. It started last week, but whatever, you didn't miss anything. Or if you really want to catch up, you can read about it on Television Without Pity. It's at 8 on the CW. One of the contestants has Asperger's.

And immediately after that? Gossip Girl. Also started last week. Also recapped on TWoP. And also: awesome. Perhaps even more awesome than ANTM. It's basically The OC on the Upper East Side, so all the high-schoolers have dark hair. But otherwise? Basically the same as the OC. Early OC, when it was cool.

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erin*carly said...

i read up to page 6, and gave up . . . but i definitely want to set my TiVo. you know, i was just thinking about this. i'm taping a bunch of shows (most importantly HEROES), and really . . . i don't think i have enough time to watch them with the way work is going nutso. i had hoped it would ease back into the 8:30-5:30 schedule, but really, it's more like tack 5-6 hours of overtime wherever i can get it.

speaking of, i should be working now. and *then* sleeping.