Monday, September 03, 2007


Ok, I have to take back what I said. You know how I declared myself to be over social networking sites? Yeah. I joined facebook. But I wasn't going to socially network! It's not my fault! S.Vix and B.Vas were tempting me with tales of this game where you click on places on a map and you get points and it's awesome. So I joined and, indeed, it was. It's called the World Traveler IQ Challenge and I am no longer #1 among my friends because my cousin Haw Haw is better than me at maps, darn her.

Of course, now that I've joined, I also have to obsessively search for friends on it. Grr. Stupid social networking sites, sucking me in.


Spice said...

Yeah, and your joining got me addicted to that game, too! Grr, indeed.

Sophist said...

yay we're now facebook friends!

grrrbear said...

Hey, it's not *my* fault.

I've learned my lesson after trying friendster when it first launched, realizing how ridiculously boring it was, and subsequently ignoring all their needy emails saying "Come back! We're cool now, we *swear*!"