Saturday, September 22, 2007


Hey! I finished another book! After a bunch of memoirs and other non-fiction books, I decided it was time for a change and picked up For the Sake of Elena, a mystery by Elizabeth George. It's an Inspector Lynley mystery - they've put a bunch of these on TV, but I've never seen one.

I had, it turned out, read this one before - I recognized a scene on p. 73. So I actually had a little dilemma about whether I should go on, since my whole book quest is about reading books I haven't read before. But clearly I didn't remember it - this took 73 pages to realize - so I kept going.

Anyway. It was pretty good. I definitely had no idea who the murderer was. The parts about the elderly mother with dementia were totally depressing (and were some of the few bits I remembered). My main problem with it was, so, I read one of the other Inspector Lynley novels earlier this year, and I could *not* figure out the chronology. Which came first? I thought that one character was married to that other character? Wait, she likes him now? And so on.


Coloradan said...

Did you notice that Elizabeth George is from California? Huge anglophile.

towwas said...

Yeah! I just discovered that when doing my extensive internet research for this blog post. (=wikipedia.)

Sarah Moffett said...

Are you sure PD James did not ghost write that book?

Random question. Any thoughts on the National Book Festival? With 70+ authors and a world of bad hot dog vendors, it should be fun next Saturday on Target One, I mean, the Mall.

towwas said...

Yeah...I went once a few years ago and didn't really get into it. And also, I'm going to be at the Cathedral open house next Saturday. (It's awesome - it's the one day a year when they open the big tower to the public.)