Thursday, September 06, 2007

itty bitty milestone

Today the Department of Education's bank elves took their last withdrawal from my bank account. I am now debt-free.

Ok, so, this is not as momentous as it sounds - my parents paid for undergrad at OAM (thank you parents, who are not blog readers, but for the record, I really appreciate it), the master's at MFGAM was fully funded (how to get a fully funded master's: start a PhD, then quit), and I got in-state tuition and some grant money for MSGAM. But I did have to take out one loan along the way - and now it's gone! Woo!

Also, I think the government now owes me $200, thanks to some confusion about the scheduled payments. Hm. I hope they pay that back.

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J.Bro said...

Thanks to an undergraduate school that was excited to have one political scientist, an RA job, and the good taxpayers in my current state, I'm starting my eleventh year of loan-less post-high-school education! (Although M.Bro likes to remind me that spending seven years working for less than the guy who mops bathrooms at McDonald's is not a big step up from a no-loan education)