Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Something - maybe seeing pictures of Jennifer Garner with her totally cute baby - has recently made me absolutely obsessed with rewatching Alias. So this Sunday J.Chu brought me season 1, and I've already watched the first 15 episodes.

Well, semi-watched - of course I'm crafting at the same time. Making napkins from real live cloth. I realize that the steps this requires are (1) cut a square of cloth and (2) hem it, but I'm still totally proud of myself. It's really hard to make it look right! I have no idea how people make *clothes*.

Anyway. Alias? SO GOOD. I love that show. I'm thinking about dropping my Netflix subscription for a few months, and watching all of Alias would be one of the many ways I could entertain myself while taking a break from the tyranny of the red envelope.


J.Bro said...

Wait - why don't you just get Alias from Netflix? TV episodes are pretty much the only thing in our queueueueu, so I know they have them! Is it the waiting? It's the waiting, right? I hear that. There was a Prison Break cliffhanger at the end of Season 1 Disc 2 two days ago, and I'm itching and scratching until the next disc comes.

towwas said...

Well, see, I can borrow Alias from J.Chu, and then I'm not stuck with only watching four episodes at a time. :)