Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Ok, I know all anybody does these days is whine about the weather, but you know what? It is HOT! It was over 100 degrees today! The air feels like soup! Dirty soup! It's so hot, they can't run the metro at full speed on the aboveground sections, because the rails might be warped out of shape! Every day they predict thunderstorms, and every day we get nothing! No thunder! No lightning! No rain! This, my friends, sucks. (Welcome to the region, Spice!)

I would also like to send some mental appreciation to the mechanic who fixed my car's air conditioning in California a few years ago. That is some STRONG cold air.


J.Po said...

As for SF, it's 64 degs at 10am. Overcast with a mild mist in the air. I'm not big on San Francisco summers, but it sure sounds better than the steamy conditions you're experiencing.

Spice said...

When I talked to my landlady a few days ago, she said she hoped the heat would break by the time I arrive on Saturday - which I think means the temps/humidity will be like the insufferable conditions I left in Madison rather than the insane conditions y'all have been having. She also said she'd turn the a/c on for me so it'd be nice and cool in my apartment when I showed up!

towwas said...

Yeah, lately the talk about weather "breaking" has been like, it'll only be *90* and totally humid!! So much better!