Sunday, August 12, 2007

public service announcement

If you have a dog, you should not bring it to a party at the house of people who own two cats. Particularly if those cats do not like dogs. Here's why:

I got to a barbecue tonight just a few minutes after a couple with a new dog (a pound dog, so he was a year old, but very puppylike and very interested in the cats). One of the cats was downstairs, but, as I stood in the kitchen door, decided he'd rather not be downstairs anymore and used my foot to launch himself at the stairs. Awesome. The cuts were more dramatic four hours ago, when they were all bloody. Fortunately, the wife of the birthday honoree is a doctor. Ok, so, she's a pathologist - not necessarily the first doctor you look to in a trauma situation - but she set me up with some neosporin and some bandaids and all was good.

She felt really bad about it, but I don't blame the cat - I blame the idiots with the dog.


miss shirley said...

Why do people bring their pets to other people's houses? I don't understand this. I have a lovely nine year old dog, she is sweet and mostly friendly, but the only person she ever visits is my mother-in-law because she actually likes the dog! No one invited your dog. You should leave it at home. It will survive the evening, I am sure of it.

I Blog, You Blog said...

Owwwwie! Was it a worse scratch because of your allergies?

I think I need to rearn Engrish.

towwas said...

Nope - no swelling or anything. I washed it out right away, so that probably helped.