Wednesday, August 22, 2007

pony rides

As a reminder that, on the whole, my job rocks, I present this e-mail exchange. My boss wrote to our little group, in a cursivey font that is not displaying properly on Blogger:

You are Cordially Invited to
the [incredibly boring task that we try to make fun by doing it as a group] Party

Friday, September 7, 2007
3 o’clock
in [boss lady]'s Office

Except for [Barkley], Who Will be in Paris When We Do This. Sigh.

Carbohydrates Will be Served

I wrote back, "Will there be puppies?" and Barkley wrote back, "Oh yes, I am so sorry to 'av to mees zees. I weel 'av to wait until ze next time, I suppose. Zut alors...I luv ze carbo-'ydrates."

And boss lady wrote:

Puppies May Possibly Be in Attendance
if That Would Make [Barkley]
Feel Bad About Being in Paris
Instead of Here

Also? Pony Rides

Ok, it made *me* laugh.


Talentedhands said...

Awesome. Puppies.

Sophist said...

That is so cute. I am glad that boss-lady has a good sense of humor. Hope it makes up a little for the crappy day at work!

BASSO said...

...much better than what we get around here for sure, "...send me an 'Outlook' [calendar invitation]...." Then everyone forgets to respond anyway and only half the people you invite show up and about three people you didn't invite (on purpose).... Fun is always better...I may try this, but maybe use one of the Party Invitation/Oragnization websites to keep it "electronic." Hmmmmm