Sunday, August 05, 2007

dancing in the streets

Twenty years ago, you didn't go to downtown Silver Spring after dark. It wasn't that it was dangerous or anything, it was just dead, and it felt kind of sketchy if you happened to wander through. This evening I stopped by downtown to pick up my new Marimekko bag. This was the scene:

There were hundreds of people watching this band, in 90-degree heat, and, what are those 60 or 70 people doing in the middle of the blocked-off street?

Oh yeah. It's the electric slide. Even one of the security guards was doing it. So, yes. The new downtown development has got a lot of chain stores. It's a little sterile, sure. But every time I'm there I'm amazed at all the people wandering around, eating, or dancing in the streets. (Ok, this was the first time I'd seen dancing in the streets.) So...yay, hometown!!


J.Po said...

O - M - G !! I HEART the Electric Slide. If I ever get married, that's all we'll be playing at the reception. Seriously.

Al said...

I was there last night too! Just to pick up Lebanese food though, I must have missed the electric slide part.

I can't wait for the wedding J.Po!

Sophist said...

that's pretty sweet - glad they managed to get the place feeling like a fun community despite its corporate origins.