Monday, August 20, 2007

coconut cake

Tonight I went to this restaurant with former colleague S.Ball and current colleague Barkley. It was beautiful, beautiful food. We split the mushroom appetizer (truffle oil omg I love you truffle oil), each got our own enormous hunk of braised meat for the entree, then split a giant piece of coconut cake for dessert. It was so good, by the end of the coconut cake we were all just giggling. It went kind of like this:

S.Ball: This is just stupid good.
Me and Barkley: Stupid. Heh heh heh.
Me: It just doesn't make sense how good this is.
S.Ball and Barkley: Doesn't make sense. Heh heh heh.

Miss Shirley says I'm like a matchmaker for friends, and it worked tonight - S.Ball and Barkley totally got along. They bonded over the fact that neither has a cell phone with a camera. We're all set to go eat more delicious food all over town. It was an outstanding evening.


J-Vo said...

It sounds like you were in a Yoplait commmercial ("it's like shopping for chocolate-covered heels good).

towwas said...

Oh, yuck. Now I feel cheesy.

grrrbear said...

j-vo - That's *so* the right call. Hee hee!

J-Vo said...

Yeah. I'm the man.