Friday, August 03, 2007

assassination vacation

Ok - by ignoring my Netflix and having many delay-riddled commutes, I have now finished Assassination Vacation. It was fun - I learned about history, it made me giggle a few times, and unlike many of these awesome non-fiction books, it is the kind of book I could see myself writing. Not the subject matter, because I'm not that interested in presidential assassinations. But it's kind of my style - it's got a lot of the writer in it (although with my book, the average reader wouldn't actually be able to hear my voice reading it, because I'm not a famous radio person), and it's kind of meandery and discursive, and it required a lot of roping friends into roadtrips. That's my kind of project.

I think this is my favorite quote - she was talking about the state of American architecture early in the 20th century when a lot of people decried the neo-classical stuff that was going up all over: "'s fun to look back on this dilemma of to-column-or-not-to-column, because honestly, the only question most Americans ask about a new building at this point is basically: Is it a soul-sucking eyesore of cheap-ass despair? It's not? Whew."

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Coloradan said...

Also, judging by your blog, there would be many mentions of cute kids/babies in your book. Sort of like Vowell's nephew Owen gets about as many mentions as, say, Garfield. I disagree about your reading it, though--your voice would wear on me much better for six CD's than Vowell's does.