Wednesday, July 18, 2007

wisconsin again

In the morning, I'm off to Wisconsin for the same workshop I went to last year, although Miss Shirley is not accompanying me this time for some silly reason. Something to do with the fact that her baby is due in six weeks. I know, it's a totally lame excuse. I just found out I have to take my own sheets and blankets, and I'm carrying a fiddle for the local fiddler, so basically I'm going to be drowning in luggage tomorrow. Nothing I love like riding the metro at rush hour when I'm drowning in luggage!

I'll be back Sunday. Between now and then, entertain yourself by leaving comments. I love comments. More comments! More! More! Give me something to read when I get back so I can put off unpacking!

1 comment:

erin*carly said...

woo! enjoy "wis-cayn-sin" . . . hopefully it's not as hot and humid out there as it is here. won't it rain already?! c'mon!

ps, this time they're doing callbacks for 18th St Singers, and i've got one on monday. eep!