Monday, July 09, 2007

mummers' play

One of the highlights of the Folklife Festival was seeing a real, live mummers' play from Northern Ireland. It's just like the one we do in the Christmas show, only with a rubber chicken:

Ok, there are other differences. The Irish accents, for one. The random step dance. The bagpipes. There's a St. Patrick character. And, most of all: St. George isn't the hero, he's the guy you boo. (Get it? England?) However, even though he's kind of nominally a bad guy, they still raised him from the dead after the swordfight.

Also, they had a White Horse character who appeared at the end of the show to chase women in the audience, nipping at their butts. I watched the play with Ogram (new blog character alert: she was on staff for the Christmas show last year), and we agreed that we want to incorporate the White Horse in future shows, although perhaps it would not mount people, as it did to Ogram.


erin*carly said...

took me a sec to figure out the new blog character.

so, instead of a man-woman kissing men, we'd have a horse-human kissing women? could be quite interesting.

and i'm totally jealous - the only days i could get to the festival were really really rediculously hot. seeing that i don't fare well in that kinda weather, i didn't make it to the festival. i'm kinda sad. :(

grrrbear said...

You seem awfully judgemental of the local Xmas-show audience. Maybe the ladies of our nations capital would really get into being smootched by a horse/man. Just like women of MN got into being smootched by a Vulcan during Winter carnival...