Thursday, July 26, 2007

more keywords

Ok, I have a new favorite search term: someone found me by googling "bum shaking." It gets you to this post about learning Bollywood dance at the folklife festival. Now, you'd think a person who wanted to read about bum shaking would be pretty disappointed when they found my blog, but no - this person (in Brentford, England) spent almost 10 minutes and looked at five pages.

Thanks for the info, Google Analytics!


Coloradan said...

Someone found me by Googling

"cats hate vacuum cleaners" why

Leading me to wonder why someone would Google that.

David J said...

I continue to get a heap of Google hits (many of them from the UK) for "pregnant strippers." Yikes, people.

Talentedhands said...

Sweet! You've gotta teach me how to do that Google analysis thing.

erin*carly said...

HAAAAA. that's amazing. i want this analysis thing! i get weird hits sometimes, too.