Monday, July 16, 2007

kid after my own heart

I know I already blogged about visiting Cho, but I would be neglecting my duty if I did not share with you the incredible cuteness of Baby Cho 1.

He's reading a Richard Scarry book, What Do People Do All Day? We spent a lot of time looking at this book - it's clearly a favorite. I read to him and pointed things out in English and he babbled in Chinese. And I'm not suggesting, in case you're worried, that all Chinese is babbling - just that the kid is three and a quarter, and I'm not sure what he was saying made a lot of sense in any language.

Cho is worried about his English now, but she figures in a few years she'll be more worried about his Chinese.

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Sophist said...

yeah me and my brother grew up speaking only Chinese and now we are barely able to speak basic sentences... his English will DEFINITELY be just fine! And boy what a CUTE KID!!!