Sunday, July 22, 2007

immensely satisfying

Here's how I spent my day:

I had to take whatever ride I could get from camp to the airport, and it happened to be a ride that got me there four freakin' hours before my flight. So I bought The Book - and paid full price, ouch. I read it in the airport, I read it on the plane, I read it on the metro, I read it at the dinner table, I read it on my couch, I read it on my bed. I laughed, I cried, I've never seen Cats but I'm pretty sure this was better. I will give nothing away, but it was immensely satisfying and awesome and solved the problems I was worried about and I look forward to reading it again and again.


Al said...

I finished it too! But I am a little annoyed with it. Maybe I will blog about it later. In any case it was a great way to spend a day.

J.Per said...

I agree with all of this post! I was satisfied and happy with (almost) all the ways JKR chose to resolve the many plot points, but I also found it extremely satisfying to just sit down and READ for an entire evening and morning.

Sophist said...

Very happy to hear that it was great - my brother just finished his copy and I am going to borrow it and devour it... although he says he wants to read it one more time before lending it to me!