Tuesday, July 31, 2007

griffin & sabine

Ok, I've started! Based on J.Vo's recommendation, I continued my book offensive with a quick read of Griffin & Sabine. Her review was short and highly accurate: "Griffin and Sabine will take you 45 seconds and is totally awesome. Or at least it was when I was in high school." Ok, it actually took me about five minutes, but yes, I read it 15 years too late. I think I would have thought the love story and melancholy and whatnot were all very deep when I was in high school; today, I'm giving it a big old "eh" with a healthy dose of eye-roll. The art, however, is lovely. If anyone wants to spoil the rest of the trilogy in the comments, feel free.

Next up: Everyone seems to think I should read Assassination Vacation. I expect this one to take a bit longer.


Coloradan said...

Or I could burn the audio version to DVD for you. It's like a very long Sarah Vowell/This American Life segment.

towwas said...

Ooh! But I think I'll stick with reading it for now...I hear her voice in my head as I read anyway.

J.Po said...

I'm currently reading "Take the Cannoli." I feel like I've heard half the stories on TAL over the years. Still enjoyable, though. And I can't help but hear her voice while I read.