Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I love the fourth of July! After a long day of marching in the local parade and hanging out at E.Sto's block party, I went over to the local fireworks show at the middle school. It was great. They were right overhead, and very loud and bangy, and didn't require any standing in line to go through security checkpoints. (Unlike some other fireworks displays I could mention.)

Then when I came home I rediscovered the awesomeness of my apartment, which is these huge south-facing windows that look way out across to the high point of D.C., kind of a ridge that runs east to west, and I can see every illegal firework that goes off between here and there. There are a lot, and they are big, and they go on and on and on and on.


erin*carly said...

my friends and i had plans to go to the mall early and stake out a good spot like last year . . . but when we heard the words "tornado" and "evacuation," we stuck to virginia. couldn't see much in Old Town from the river, but I think we did catch the illegal ones from Anacostia.

i've been hearing reports that the parade was great . . . there was just no way i could make it after all. between road closures and being exhausted, i just couldn't get out of the house.

hm. i hear the distinct whistle of fireworks down the street. i sure hope they're not shooting them off over my house. hoodlums.

towwas said...

Yeah, the parade was super fun! Not to worry, we had plenty of people. It was really great. The lovely weather helped, too - even the non-shady part wasn't miserably hot.