Monday, July 23, 2007

embarrassing photographs

I submit to the fashion police this evidence of my crime:

Yes. I wore crocs outside of the house. However, since I wore them at a weekend workshop filled with people who think it's ok to wear shorts with dress shoes and white sport socks pulled halfway up your calves, no one was really in a position to judge. These are the shoes I wear for dancing, and I think their awesomeness makes up for the crocs:

(I got them in Norway in February, and I love them.)


J.Bro said...

I just wrote a shoe post too - a very different shoe post than yours. I'm granting you temporary leniency on the crocs, but only because you don't have any croc-charms in the toe-holes.

towwas said...

Whew. Thanks. Also, I know this is not a legitimate defense, but I was wearing them because my left big toe has been giving me trouble and is protesting flip-flops and other such summery shoes.

Sophist said...

Norwegian shoes AWESOME. They look very pilgrimey with that buckley ornament.

I have been advised to get a pair of Crocs ballet flats. Didn't know they made them!

HAR said...

Are Crocs as comfortable as people say?

My little girls have them but I don't know if they are really as comfortable as my girls proclaim them to be.

towwas said...

Yes, they really are that comfortable. Darn them.