Saturday, June 23, 2007

moon bounce

Saturday night on the way to [nice dorm] Little Theater, Swallowed My Flea, L.Ke, and I saw that someone had left the moon bounce running. So of course we had to squeeze in. Turns out, they didn't make it for people our size.

Sure was fun, though. Then on the way back to [crappy dorm] after the show, we heard shrieking and said, hey, that's J.Po! So we sneak-attacked them with flashes and discovered that, in fact, it was not J.Po. Oops. As someone said, apparently everyone sounds like J.Po when they're shrieking.

About 30 seconds later, security pulled up, kicked the people out, and unplugged the blower. I tell you, at the next reunion, they should really get a moon bounce for grownups, 'cause that stuff is FUN. Shoot - I forgot to put that on my reunion evaluation.

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