Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Saturday night Molly B's boyfriend's band was playing a show. The damn thing didn't even start until midnight, it was over in Brooklyn, and I get overloaded easily in small crowded loud rooms, so, on the whole, I was not so enthusiastic.

But whaddya know - it was *awesome*. The band plays West African music, with about a dozen people playing many different instruments, and it was totally cheerful, boppy music. I felt sorry for the people who were sitting down and not dancing. Also, it was in this hipster bar where everyone was totally nice, from the guy at the door who was all apologetic about charging us $8 each to get in, to the random people at the bar who got out of my way so I could order, to the totally funny singer in the band.

I was telling Molly B yesterday how great it was (and expressing my surprise) and she was like, well, *duh* - I wouldn't have told you to come if it wasn't going to be good. Which is kind of how I feel about the Christmas show. It's cute when people are surprised by how fun it is. I mean - why do you think I do it?

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