Monday, May 21, 2007


Auditioning for the Christmas show is really nice. After work, I take the metro up to the church where they hold auditions. We audition in shifts over two days, so you never know who you're going to see, but it's always familiar faces. Some I hadn't seen since Christmas, some even longer; some I saw earlier last week.

The only less-nice part is when you have to go into the music room and sing two songs (one Christmas, one whatever) for the director, musical director, and assistant director. The point this year was to show that you can sing beautifully and lightly with little or no vibrato, which I pulled off fine when I was practicing but, yknow, nerves interfere with the production of a nice, straight tone. The rest of the audition is fun - a dance in a group (where the point is to laugh when you mess up, not to get the steps right), a little choral singing, and it's off to dinner with Miss Shirley and K619.

Then the dreaded wait begins. I got in, but not everyone did. I mean, duh - there were 80 people for 38 spots. Miss Shirley didn't audition, because she's having a baby in August and for some reason doesn't want to take care of a newborn and do Christmas. Lazy, isn't she? K619 didn't get in, which is a huge bummer. She and EC will be joining the Wednesday night work parties and hanging around looking mournful, just to make me and G-dog feel bad. I know it.

Anyway, the good thing is, even though the makeup of the chorus changes every year, the community is still there. I've been lucky enough to get in every time I've auditioned, but one of these years I won't, and I think it'll be ok. (After I crawl out from under the covers, where I plan to stay for at least a week.)


erin*carly said...

K's not getting in is a BIG surprise for me. (as are many of the others.) but i'm very happy she'll be joining me in the behind-the-scenes fun. i have a feeling the first rehearsal/work party will be the hardest, leaving the circle to work while everyone sings.

but who knows . . . maybe i'll get to create something great, and i'll say "look! look at that ____ on stage left! i MADE that _____." i think that's pretty fantastic, too.

erin*carly said...

ps. yesterday morning is a huge blur, so if i didn't get to say "yea! so freakin' awesome!" to you about making the cut, i do apologize. and say it now. :)

grrrbear said...

All this discussion about Christmas in May is completely befuddling to my brain (although maybe it's the Vegas gases!). But whatever you got into, congratulations!

J.Bro said...

I'm playing Santa in the mall.