Sunday, December 10, 2006

mornin', the edge

So you know how eight months ago I was in Hawaii for a U2 concert that didn't happen? Well, that concert was rescheduled for last night. I couldn't go, obviously, what with the whole Christmas show thing. But Kay Ray went! She lined up at 9:30 yesterday morning (there were already 1500-2000 people in line) and sent me pictures of herself in line all day. And voicemail messages when she was bored. Then last night while I was asleep, she sent me two completely unintelligible voicemails, which I believe are supposed to be music, and this picture of the Edge playing guitar. I heart the Edge. Thank you, Kay Ray!! We've already decided we're going to be much more organized for the next tour and see them in cities we can actually afford to visit. As opposed to São Paulo and Honolulu. Not that I would mind going back to either place....

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