Thursday, December 07, 2006

long rehearsal

Tonight we were in the theater for almost seven hours. Therefore, I am...tired. I had my camera a lot of that time, but it was kind of a real run-through where it wasn't really appropriate to take pictures. So this is all I've got for you:

This is at the beginning of the second act, when we're scattered all over the house and I get to be wayyyyyyy up at the back behind the last row of seats, singing with those people down in the front. There's people in that picture. No, no, there are, look closer. Anyway, it's a beautiful moment.

To catch you up on the mean chorus member incident: tonight the musical director lectured everyone on the topic of how there is only one musical director. And that directing other people is not anyone else's job. I refrained from turning and glaring at the offending choir member. I'm a good girl.

P.S. I also took, if I do say so myself, one really good picture tonight, but it's all face-y, so go look at it on flickr:

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