Monday, December 18, 2006

the end

Whew! And so the Christmas show ends and the year dies. We had a great closing show this afternoon. This year's show never had the emotional impact of the last two years - it was great fun, and I know the audience loved it, but I didn't feel it the way I have other years. It was partly the particular show. The way it was written, we were playing different people at different times (Shakers, Moravians, Appalachian people), which kind of creates distance, I guess. And also I think the director just wasn't on top of the emotional side; she usually really makes it a priority to explain the mood and the feelings to the cast, but she didn't seem to be as interested this year.

But whatever, it was hell of fun, I love the people (even the bossy ones, most of the time), and I'm totally auditioning again next year.

The cast party was GREAT. Even more fun than the show. Everyone did their songs and skits, and then we sang about six songs from the show, at the top of our lungs, packed into a living room. A huge living room, but still, it was a lot of people. People got to join in on songs they don't do on stage, and spouses, makeup people, and random others could sing them, too. On the way home Miss Shirley and I were talking about how nice it is to be in a room full of people who are totally committed. None of this ironic detachment business. We were singing.

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erin*carly said...

and some of us were only able to sing in our hearts. :)

i may have warned my family of what to expect at the show, but there wasn't anyone to warn me about the amazing times ahead and amazing people i'd meet when i signed on. who knew my DC adventure would be this successful! let the good times roll . . .

ps, maybe next year i'll actually get to sing the shows.