Tuesday, December 05, 2006

christmas unhappy

So, as you know, I loooove the Christmas show, and it totally makes me happy. But there are less happy moments! Here's the short version of something that happened tonight: it was a small group rehearsal, a classic Christmas-show situation with too many bossy people, and one of them was totally picking on me for singing flat. Which I don't think I was doing, but whether or not I was, she was soooo going about it the wrong way. (The correct way would be to sidle up to the music director and say, hey, yknow, I think Towwas might be having a little trouble in that one part, could you listen and see if you think so, too?) I burst into tears (out of public view, dignity intact, score!!) and it generally got sorted out that I sing fine and the other chorus member was outta line. And she apologized later, which was good of her. She didn't mean to pick on me, she was just being bossy.

But enough about me! Let's look at some pictures!!

Look at the people dancing! Don't they rock, with their swinging swirliness??

Ok, ok, you can have one more:


Coloradan said...

I wish this story had ended with someone kicking her ass. But I suppose that wouldn't bring about such a clean resolution in real life as it does in martial arts films.

towwas said...

Well, G-dog and Miss Shirley totally both offered, but I thought maybe that wouldn't be the best way to go about resolving the situation. :)

J.Bro said...

Coincidence-tastic! I'm the costume director at a church's nativity play and just had to pull the actress playing Mary aside for being too flat. Like a board, that girl is. I told her, look Mary, you and I both know that's not what fills the donation plate.

Spice said...

My senior year in high school I managed to cry publicly at least once in every single class, so I know your pain. Also, othing hurts like getting "cries easily" written on your day-camp evaluation - I can't help it! I cry! Easily!

towwas said...

I'm not a crier! Dang it! Well, not a crier in public. Ok, not usually. Ok, I'm a bit of a crier. But I totally didn't start sobbing until I saw G-dog, which happened to be in the wings (and thus relatively private). Anyway, tonight at rehearsal the music director reminded everyone that *she* is the one and only music director, and that means *no one else* should direct.