Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I was just googling myself because, like, what else should I be doing at midnight? Then after I googled myself, I googled towwas. And you know what? Most of the results are blogs of people I know. Most of the rest are people running together the words "tow" and "was." I think all the others are misspellings or something, including a particularly spectacular typo in this interesting document. (I think typing three extra letters between "moment" and "was" is pretty spectacular.)

Oh - what's that you say? What should I be doing at midnight? Sleeping?


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BASSO said...

...isn't it ALWAYS about Original Sin? Very interesting, I was going to say I was NOT suprised you were up a midnight, rather that you felt compelled to read that much of the document -- then I realized it was ME who had to read that much to find "towwas"...actually, I realized it a few hundred words in and did my "Apple F" thing --a little slow on the uptake I was - or towwas.