Tuesday, July 18, 2006

baby cho

HOW CUTE IS MY FRIEND'S BABY?? This is Baby Cho, who will soon be joined in this world by Baby Cho 2. Cho, one of the nicest people in the world, was in my Japanese class in Japan and now lives in a teensy little town in North Carolina. Baby Cho has just come back from several months in China with his grandparents; I can only assume these crazy pictures were taken there. But anyway: How cute is he??? And how bummed am I that I can't read Chinese and find out what he's been up to? ("Cho," for the curious, is how you pronounce her last name in Japanese, and since that's what I originally learned to call her, and since we only speak Japanese, it's stuck.)


J.Po said...

O - M - G !!!!

Sophist said...

So. Cute. But whatup with that Mozart costume with the ruffles?

ImpetuousProse said...

Normally when people say babies are cute it's just sort of assumed that they're probably not and that you'll say "omg they're so cute!" anyway. But this baby is really, really adorable! I want to kiss him all over!!