Monday, June 26, 2006


Today I got a voicemail from J.Vo, whose computer thinks she shouldn't be allowed to make comments on blogspot. She asked first whether the floodwaters and mudslides had carried me away, and no, they haven't, although the rain has been freaking insane. A mudslide closed a major road near my house for the entire day.

She also asked what is up with all this sports obsession, and who am I and what have I done with Towwas. I just *like* soccer, that's all. Always have. It's the only sport I've ever played myself (county rec dept. team, 5th grade). It's also a little like when I lived in Japan and was glued to the TV during every sumo tournament - it was this fascinating foreign sport and I liked figuring out how it worked. Or when LL and I were stuck in a motel in Transylvania (it was raining, plus it turns out there isn't that much to see in Sighi┼čoara, Romania, lovely as it is) and we watched tons of curling.

I also like that soccer doesn't stop for commercials. I would never be able to sit through an American sporting event (except for the Superbowl, where the commercials are part of the action).


J.Po said...

Hey - I was stuck in a hotel in Romania with LL once too. And then I met up with you in Slovenia. Weird.

J-Vo said...

Sumo is a freakshow. Soccer is boring as crap. Big difference!!!!

towwas said...

Sumo is AWEsome. I love watching sumo. And soccer's not boring!

J-Vo said...

Hey wow, it worked.

You worldly world travellers, you! I've been to Canada- TWICE!

Sophist said...

YIKES, I was reading that gov't employees were all told to stay home today due to getting 12 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. That is surreal.

My grandpa loves sumo! But I haven't had the chance to watch it myself. Soccer is so not boring! In World Cup 1998, I watched most of it with my lab, which consisted of a Korean woman, 11 Europeans of various nationalities, and me. It was so fun, because most of the countries (except the South American ones, alas) from the 1/8 finals and up were represented by my lab. It was a whole month of not working and going to the bar before 10:00 AM.

BASSO said...

Japan, I forgot about Japan -- I think you mentioned that once or twice. Did you watch the Samuri serials on TV? I lived in Hawaii as a kid (like 9-12 yrs old) and we watched the Samuri Saturday mornings like kids in the "states" did with cartoons. Just thought of that.