Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I'm using blogging as a procrastination tool. But really, what don't I use as a procrastination tool? If it takes up time, I can use it to procrastinate. IMing with Miss S? Absolutely. (Oh, look, she just appeared on google talk! Hi, Miss S!) Planning parties? You betcha. Obsessively reading Lifehacker and the Washington Post. Filling out random paperwork. Picking a song for the auditions for the Christmas show (I'm thinking "Down to the River to Pray" and the Wexford Carol, or maybe the Huron Carol). Going through my Flickr account to see if anyone's looking at my pictures. Oh yes, there's all manner of ways to entertain myself. Hey, maybe I could re-paint my toenails - they're a little sloppy.

Or maybe I could write this letter I'm supposed to be writing tonight.


J-Vo said...

have you made sure that all of your toes are properly bandaged? :)

I Blog, You Blog said...

How did it go???

towwas said...

The letter? Still not quite written. The auditions? Are tonight, so I don't know yet. The nail polish? My toes look much better now, thanks!