Thursday, May 18, 2006


The big excitement for today: Tall L & I got tickets to see Paul Simon in July! I got an e-mail about the presale last night, but I hadn't really decided if I wanted to go. Then this morning as I got in the shower I started thinking about all those really good songs he's done - and I was like, aw, man, if he does "The Sound of Silence" 15 miles from my house and I'm not there, that would just be sad. And the tickets turned out not to be as expensive as they could have been.

I read once that Paul Simon had won Grammies in five consecutive decades...I'm too lazy to do the fact-checking right now, but it seems plausible. I grew up on a Simon & Garfunkel LP. It's some "best of" album, the one everyone has. In my all-classical household, this was as crazy as music got - I have a clear memory of listening to "Cecilia" very loud in the living room when I was about eight years old (long, long before I figured out what it was about).

Much later, the first tape I ever bought was The Rhythm of the Saints. I think this displays outstanding taste. Ditto for the first CD I bought, which was a They Might Be Giants single.

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J-Vo said...

The first tape that I ever bought was Milli VAnilli's Girl You Know It's True. Awwwww. Yee.