Tuesday, April 11, 2006


You know what my new favorite source of information is? The SEC. Yes, that SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission. The other day I was trying to get some sales information out of a PR lady at a pharmaceutical company, and she's all, we don't give out information on individual products. I was suspicious, and rightly so, it turns out: their filings to the SEC are full of that stuff. So I found exactly what I needed. Except it took me all day instead of five minutes, which I imagine is the idea. (But now I know how, and next time I will find it much faster.)

This afternoon I interviewed this semi-retired ob/gyn, a real grandfatherly kind of dude, and he's driving, and we're chatting about contraception, blah blah whatever. Then he goes into a Starbucks, and he was in there for the next ten minutes or so - I could hear the background noise - saying things like, "For example, with a condom, a perfect user would pull it off after orgasm every time." I don't know what I would've thought if I'd been standing in front of that guy in line.

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