Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Look at the pretty grapefruit soda I had with my dinner tonight. I totally picked it because it was pretty, but it did not disappoint - it was as tasty as it was pink. I think this picture would be a bit better if I hadn't stuck my foot up. Something to remember for next time.


grrrbear said...

I'm confused. Is it grapefruit drink or lemonade? You say grapefruit, label says lemonade.

I'll just assume it's grapefruit and that the label is corporate america's way of lying to me again.

towwas said...

I think the label is actually corporate France's way of lying to you...Limonade means, like, 'citrus drink' or something. And if you look closely, it says grapefruit.

grrrbear said...

Oh... it's corporate *France's* way of lying to me.

Thanks for clearing that up TOWWAS! =)