Sunday, April 23, 2006


Ha - look at the friendster message I just got:
hello pretty face,
HOw are you doing today? I Hope fine in
the name of Almighty God.I am interested when i
look at ur precious profile and i most confess that i
like you and i will like to get to know you better,if
you doing mind where i can email me
with address:...,or you can
send me ur email address so that i can tell you
more about me and my pictures,my warmest
regards to you over there,waiting to hear from you
From Your true love one,
It totally has to be the Friendster version of the Nigerian scam. The dude has no picture, no information about him, and has been a member since April 2006. He even lives in Nigeria. I didn't know the scam had made it to social networking sites, but of course it makes sense. So, should I write him back?


You have the right to remain silent, use it! said...

WoW, I never though I would see anyone whose spelling and grammar are worse then mine (not that I am an expert). Other than that........the answer is NO!
But he sounds like a real winner.

Rogue Jaguar said...

What's this dude's e-mail? I feel the sudden urge to send him my credit card information.

You know. In the name of Almighty God.

I Blog, You Blog said...

Well, he is your One True Love...

(I get these messages all the time on of them referred to me as his "Goldeous Angel". Totally a keeper...)

J.Bro said...

I was just coming to the comments section to write something about starting to call M.Bro "pretty-face", but what do I find?!? An even better pet name! "How was your day, Goldeous Angel?"

BASSO said...

...seems like a nice harmless sort to me. Then again, nobody ever calls me Goldeous Angel or pretty-face for that matter ... what did you say this guy's email address was? I also feel the urge to use words like "ur."

towwas said...

Send all your credit card information to:
I'm sure he'll be eternally grateful. Maybe he'll even call *you* pretty face.