Monday, April 10, 2006


Look, it's me in Hawaii! In the famed Brazilian bikini! Note how I'm cleverly disguising my identity by making you look at my back. This is on Waikiki, two blocks from our hotel. And a very pleasant little hotel it was: the Waikiki Prince, not to be confused with some highly expensive hotel in Waikiki with "Prince" in the name. Our room had a kitchenette and three beds but no phone - they have some elaborate system where, if someone calls for you, the guy at the front desk buzzes your room and you hit the button to tell him you're coming to answer it. We were pretty psyched about that, and I got two calls, but we were out both times.


BASSO said...

Way cool you! Loved the pictures and the commentary. Brings back memories -- was on Oahu as a kid for three years -- halcyon days (literally, I think, except for the whole laying of eggs on the beach, but I digress)!

Hooray for your tan and your bikini! Welcome back!

Spring Revels?

J.Bro said...

Hey - I remember that wavebreak on Waikiki! I presume from the kids playing near the water that the raw sewage situation has sorted itself out?

I Blog, You Blog said...

Hooray for Brazillian bikinis and nifty watches and a faboo vacate... Great photos all around!

grrrbear said...

You'd better be careful with all that bikini wearin'. Remember what happened to Jessica Alba when she wore one to promote that movie of hers?

Phemonenal pictures btw - just what I needed to brighten up the last crappy weekend of chicago weather.

Sophist said...

What a cute bikini!!!!! Thanks for all the photos. I feel like I'm in Hawaii right with you!