Tuesday, April 11, 2006


There are many cool things to do at the Dole plantation. That's Dole, as in Dole pineapples. It's kind of a giant tourist trap. The only activity we paid for was the maze - you have to go around and find these little stencils and color on your little card.

The Lonely Planet says it takes most people 15-30 minutes. It took us 33. The record time is five minutes. I think you'd have to do it an awful lot to get down to five minutes.

Also, you can have your picture taken in a pineapple cut-out. I had mine taken as the pineapple doing the hula, of course.

HOW CUTE is this baby pineapple?


grrrbear said...

Doesn't one need hips to do the hula? I'd imagine pineapples being more "swayers"...

Sophist said...

I had no idea wittle pineapples had all those little associated floral structures. mmmmmmm!!