Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Betcha thought I was done with my vacation stories. Well, HAHAHA, you were wrong! I haven't even gotten to Carnaval yet!

I only had one day of museum-going - kind of low for me on vacation. This is Pinacoteca (you know how you can tell? because it says that over the door), the early-20th-century building with lots of cool exposed brick inside and out that houses the state art collection. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have, because despite being bright and cheery and ready to face the world when I left the apartment, I was feeling a little ill by the time I got there and felt progressively worse through the afternoon.

One cool thing about Pinacoteca is that it has a lot of benches to sit on. Another is the way they grouped some of the permanent collection, by 'still life' or 'portrait' or whatever. Like below, the view from the bench in the still life room, where I sat for a very long time, wondering what my stomach was up to, and whether it planned to pull any interesting tricks:

This means you get some cool juxtapositions like this, two paintings of...um...some Brazilian fruit, from two very different eras:


Sophist said...

Awesome juxtaposition of paintings! Do you think these guys have really serious curators who think about this stuff, or does it seem more haphazard? I do like the care with which traveling exhibits are curated and arranged. going to the Louvre was a bit overhwleming with all those major paintings piled high. The effect is cool but I found it difficult to appreciate the paintings.

towwas said...

Yeah, those two paintings were definitely together on purpose. It was kind of cool - like, if you gave me a bunch of art to organize, I'd probably be like, well, let's start at the beginning and wander on through. But it was fun to see similar subjects from different eras together.