Thursday, March 16, 2006


Like I said yesterday, I was wrong about a lot of things at Carnaval. But one thing I was not wrong about: naked ladies. This is not scandalous in Brazil. I mean, I knew that, and yet it was still kind of a surprise when, every time they'd go to commercial during Carnaval coverage on TV, they'd show this virtually-buck-naked (strategically-placed spangles), incredibly hot teenage girl sambaing. That was, like, the little logo of Carnaval. So anyway, the parade was well populated by women who were not wearing a whole lot. Exhibit A:

This group's theme was "The African Diaspora: a Crime against the Human Race." Which is to say, slavery. (If you think this theme is weird, imagine the team the second night that took on pedophilia.) This was their first float, done up to look like a slave ship - yep, those are half-naked men and women hangin' out the windows. They represent slaves. So it wasn't always, yknow, sexy nudity.

And really, nobody got all worked up about it. There were no skeevy old men hovering by the fence, staring. Just nekkid people having fun.

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miss shirley said...

I like the cows! Where are the cows?