Saturday, March 25, 2006


I've been entertaining myself with the face-recognition link Grrrbear wrote about. You upload a picture and it matches the faces to celebrities you look like. Some of you have seen the picture that these faces came from - it's from my birthday, when we went to that bar after rehearsal. On the left, me; on the right, Mr.K. HAHAHAHA. Should we tell him? Do you think it'll make him feel any better that his second match was Brad Pitt? Or that his fifth was Minnie Driver? (Not that I can talk - for this picture, my #4 match was David Hasselhoff.)


miss shirley said...

Helen Hunt, yes I can see that. David Hasselhoff, that's a bit of a stretch. Can you put on some red shorts and run down the beach for me? Maybe then I can see the resemblance.

miss shirley said...

By the way, mine first two are Katie Holmes and Lena Olin. Uhm...okay.

towwas said...

Ha, I think Lena Olin was right after David Hasselhoff for me.