Tuesday, October 18, 2005

good morning miami

This morning I did an interview on a Miami talk radio station. This one was actually *live* live. I was right there, listening to the host do the weather, and then he says "we have with us [my name] from [my employer] to talk about people who have trouble sleeping." I was like, hey, that's me! It was pretty cool. Of course, I had no idea of the answer to the first question he asked, so I used the clever interviewee technique of answering a sort of related question. (How many people in the United States suffer from chronic insomnia? I have NO IDEA.)

It gave me new respect for talk radio hosts. That guy is right there on the air for hours, and he talks to random people like me who never have to give interviews, and he has no idea if the next one on the line is a complete dud. I wonder what he would have done if I'd been like, yup. nope. uh-huh. I dunno. mebbe.

In other news, this morning I heard helicopters near my house, and I turned on the TV, and there was an overturned truck a mile away! It was a big dump truck carrying rock salt. Well, it was carrying rock salt, until it took the U-turn a little wide and dumped its rock salt across the road. It certainly changed my commuting plans for the morning.


grrrbear said...

Rock salt is so cool. I went in a salt mine in Cleveland once for work. Did you know that they just leave all the equipment they bring down there abandoned in the old parts of the mine when it breaks? People drive around in full-sized pickup trucks through the tunnels, and because the air is so full of salty dust, if they try to bring the trucks back up to the surface to get repaired they will bloom with rust so fast that they become undriveable in a few weeks.

miss shirley said...

The good news is should it happen to snow in the next few weeks that part of the road is most likely going to be easy to drive on.

So, now that you are doing radio are you going to become famous and do a TV show like Ryan Seacrest (host of a lovely morning show in LA?) Maybe America's Next Top Model is looking for someone. Don't move to LA, okay? NY I could probably handle but the West Coast makes soup in Georgetown really difficult.