Monday, October 24, 2005

doctor blogs

I feel like, as a health writer, I ought to read doctor blogs. So I kind of vaguely keep up with a few of them (through bloglines). Most of them are kind of doctory and pontificaty, but there's one by an anesthesiology resident who writes about work and her new baby. She made me laugh today:

I did my first awake craniotomy this week. An awake craniotomy isn't quite as dramatic as it sounds--the patient isn't awake like, "Hi, how are you? And what are you doing with that giant bone drill?"--but they're not under general anesthesia. (Read the whole entry.)

While you're there, read her hilarious comic strip, too.


grrrbear said...

That comic is awesome. I forwarded it to a friend of mine in med school now who has posted the "12 types of med students" on their computer lab wall.

Now the entire class will probably buy that woman's book and she'll be able to retire with the new massive influx of cash.

Hmmm...I think I need to write a comic about working in industrial distribution.

miss shirley said...

I want to be Dr. Id, but not just as a doctor. Just in life. That would be cool.